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The only preset editor (that I'm aware of) was the one done by Tony McKenzie. The problem is the software only works on 32-bit Windows, so is essentially dead. This project is an attempt at reverse engineering the TriAxis syx dump format, which should make customizing the TriAxis much easier.


If you find this useful, drop me a note on Mastodon and let me know.

The source code is available here on Github. If you find any bugs, please file an issue.


To customize presets, set Program to "---" and change as desired.

To assign a preset to a program, first select the program, and then change the preset

To customize an existing TriAxis configuration, perform a syx dump of your TriAxis and then drag and drop the syx file to the drop zone. Click the Download button to get the syx file when you're done

If you would like to use save files from Tony McKenzie's editor you can run the following code to extract the syx (on a Mac or Linux machine)

head -c 2746 my_presets.tri > my_presets.syx


I don't currently have a way to test the controller configuration of the TriAxis. The controller region of the syx file should be preserved when editing however.

Always have backups of your configurations. Use at your own discretion.